Monday, January 30, 2012

Some Project Previews

I've been sick and it sucks. I've been meaning to do a few entries, one an OOTD but I've spent the last four days knocked off my feet and haven't had a chance to sort through all my piccies (hopefully I'm on the mend enough to be able to get to them soon). Last night though I was able to get some sewing in and after soldiering through my commission work, I could do more on some projects I've had in the works for a while.

This material has been sitting in my fabric box for over a year and I've only just decided what to do with it.

Above is the progress so far.

This is one of two collars nearly done (one for me, one for the Rabbit who went halvies on the base fabrics =3) -I'm currently just waiting for the brown velvet ribbon ties to arrive. It's coming from Singapore, so it'll prolly be a little while longer before I can finish them D:

Ugh, my head is all stuffed up and I think I need to go lay down again before I mess myself up and get sicker. At least I managed to get something done last night though, especially after being off my feet for far too many days u_u;

1 comment:

  1. I'm so excited for the collars! >.< That fur is so perfect and I can't wait to see the collars in person!

    Also love the JSK--the blue is a pretty shade [and very spring-like] and the lace and ric-rac trim in the bodice are a nice detail without being over the top. Looking forward to seeing this finished as well.