Sunday, January 15, 2012

OOTD - Antique Clock

This is what I wore today for Mister's morning walk...

Blouse - Fan + Friend | Skirt - Bodyline | Socks - Bodyline | Pantaloons - Handmade | Petticoat - Fan + Friend | Shoes - Montreal | Rings - Handmade, Etsy | Necklace - Etsy + Handmade | Earrings - Handmade | Cuffs - Silverworks

I've wanted this skirt from Bodyline for a good long while but because of the increase in shipping fees, I could never justify actually spending the monies to buy it until a month or so ago. I needed to get the chibi some new shoes and Bodyline actually had a pair she wanted (green and red panafonic converse, her two favorite colors on her favorite style of shoe. Awesomesauce xD) so I finally caved and decided to get my skirt at the same time. Before they came out with the skirt version, all they had was the dress and so when the time came, I had a hard decision to make. I actually really like the dress and had almost gotten that instead, but full shirring tends to make my already thick waistline and ribcage look even thicker so I didn't want to risk it and stuck with the skirt instead.

I don't regret it at all. The print is super cute and the boning in the high waistband gives the skirt a nice silhouette when worn, plus there's back shirring for some movement and stretch. I really like it. Now all I need is to get a hold of some cute antique style clock accessories. I like my candy jewelry and all, but somehow I think some pretty aged brass or copper will go with this a little better than plastic pink bows xD

Oh, and this is what Mister wore...

Coat and OP - Smoochie Pooch | Collar and tags - Offbrand X3

It was so cold and windy, we both needed double layers just to stay warm D:


  1. The clock motiff is adorable and I totally agree that some similarly themed jewelry will make the outfit complete.

  2. hi! i love the post.. Amazing Blog BTW!

    1. Sorry I'm so late in replying, but thank you so much, I'm glad you like <3