Friday, January 18, 2013

Mister's Big Adventure...

The other day, I decided to go on an adventure...

...and I allowed my person to tag along.
The weather was overcast and rainy, and we weren't properly dressed for the occasion. We knew we would freeze if we weren't careful so we made sure not to linger in any one place for very long.

The roads were long and rather treacherous, but we braved them and soldiered on...

Soon we found a rickety dangerous bridge blocking our path and just as we were about to take a step forward to cross it, a terrible noise rang out from below. I turned to find a bridge troll rearing its ugly head from the dark shadows and he dared to demand the sacrifice of my person as a toll to cross his shabby little bridge!
I would do anything to protect my person from harm so with a snarl and a growl, I quickly gathered my courage, showed my hackles and chased the nasty troll up into a nearby tree. With the bridge now unprotected, we were free to cross in safety and so we continued into the vast lands that lay beyond.

After hours of travel we spotted a beautiful glen with a rushing river far in the distance. I was so thirsty from my battle with the troll that I decided to lead my person towards it in hopes that I could find a safe way down in order to drink from the fresh sparkling water within.

But once we drew close we found our path down blocked by a cliff and even though I tried to warn my person not to venture too close to it, a flock of birds flew overhead just then and made so much noise that she couldn't hear me. In one heart stopping moment, my person lost her footing and slipped over the edge!

I didn't think twice and jumped down after her because Mister the brave leaves no one behind!

Once I quenched my thirst with the clear water of the river, I realized we were trapped.

The cliff was far too steep to climb back up so I had to search for another way out...

My keen sense of smell told me it would be safest to travel along the river bank so I led my person on...

We traveled past the swollen banks of the raging water...

Until we happened upon a break, which we cautiously crossed.

But once we were on the other side, we found ourselves in a grassy swamp...

I tried to turn back and lead my person to safety, but it was too late!

The rain started to fall again and the river suddenly swelled, making it impossible to go back!

So on we were forced to go. This swamp was dark and gloomy, and I was cautious -sniffing out the dangerous dens of venomous snakes and monster crocodiles in order to avoid them with every step...

Eventually we reached the center of the swamp where we found a Great Black Lake. To our surprise, the surface reflected our distant homes like magic and as we drew closer, the wind began to whisper us falsehoods -beckoning us into its depths and promising us a way out.
But despite our weariness, we knew it was a trap. The lake was icy and cold and if we attempted to swim it, we knew we would be lost to this watery grave forever!

So I turned away...

...and lead my person back into the swamp to the riverbank in order to find another way out. Even though we wanted nothing more than to stop and rest, we knew we needed to escape before nightfall lest we be trapped forever so we continued to soldier on and on...

My tenacity paid off and soon I spotted a mountain, with giant boulders that reached high up into the sky.

It seemed impossible and my person had doubts we could make it, but I had confidence in us so I pushed her to begin the climb...

With every last ounce of strength we had, we made our ways to safety, then carefully retraced our steps to the empty troll bridge, where we crossed to find the long and winding paths we first took and continued on until we were safely back home...

The End.
Until the next adventure I choose to have...


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Library...she grows

I adore books and I've had a dream since I was small to own a vast library filled with them. Not just any books mind you, but great books. Books with aged leather covers, gold gilded pages and ribbon book markers. Books ranging from science fiction, to horror, to children's fairy tales with great adventures and beautiful art. Do you remember that scene in Disney's Beauty and the Beast when Belle walks into the Beast's library wide eyed and amazed, in awe of the sheer amount of books set out before her on shelves that reach all the way up to the ceiling?

That's the sort of library I've dreamed of.

Butttt, in all of my 38 years, I've yet to manage it. Life has cost me a collection or two and over the years I've had to restart them a few times more than I'd have liked. Currently I'm on the rebuild, hoping that this time, that this move will see the end of losses and I'll for a change be able to hold onto what I'm collecting instead of having to start it over again. My current library is rather small and humble, but I'm rather fond of it and I'm always looking for new additions that will help it grow. Recently I've added a couple of books that I'm pretty happy with on a whole...

The Lore of the Unicorn was a Christmas gifty from the Rabbit and is next on my 'to read' list. It's a vintage book and I love it for sure. Plus, unicorns. Enough said there <3

After seeing the Hobbit movie I realized I've yet to read the book so I found this leatherette special edition of it in order to remedy that. There's maps in the front and the back and the pages are gilded in gold, I'm nearly finished with it and in contrast to the Fellowship, I'm finding it a delightful read. After this (and once I go through the Lore) I think I'll get back to the Fellowship and give it another try.

Next up is this->

I was searching out an out of print hardcover edition of the Last Unicorn (which I owned a long time ago and lost in one of my many youthful moves u_u) and found this instead.

All six issues of the story comic in one hardback edition book. I nearly died when I found it. I absolutely love the art, it pays homage to the animated movie in terms of the unicorn herself, but illustrates almost everyone else closer to how I've always imagined them to look when I was reading the book itself.

Especially Amalthea, who looks absolutely beautiful here <3

Lastly, my newest addition is this.

That's right, Pride and Prejudice... and Zombies. I'd borrowed the Rabbit's copy to read and found it amusing enough to own my own copy.I was lucky enough to find this special "heirloom" edition for cheap and snapped it up. It's hardback with an embossed cover, full color plates inside and a ribbon marker. Also apparently there's an expanded second chapter(I think it's the second) for more zombie fun, which I'll have to tackle once I get though my current reads.

A couple of the color plates with captions.

What do ninjas have to do with zombies you ask? Everything. They have everything to do with zombies, I say.

Oh how much I love these books, and now want about a hundred more D:

Saturday, January 12, 2013

OOTD : Fine Art Prints

Coat - Offbrand | Skirt - Romwe | Tights - Forever 21 | Shoes - Montreal | Blouse - Offbrand | Collar - Handmade | Jewelry - Handmade, Etsy, Target | Hair bobs - Handmade | Broach - Etsy

I went out to do my weekly errand and shopping runs with the Rabbit today and remembered to get my Chibi to snap a pic of my outfit during Mister's morning walk.

Mister Kisses <3

I love this skirt so much and have worn it a few times already, but I think this is the first time I've gotten it on film. It's a bit of a confidence thing for me though that keeps me from wearing it more often because it's very short and I end up feeling a little exposed when I have it on (even with tights!). I don't feel I have the legs for it honestly, but my Chibi keeps telling me I look fine in it and that I'm not showing as much "skin" as I feel I am when I have it on. I'm taking her word on that and attempting to ignore the more negative side of me as far as it's concerned, because despite my misgivings on my own body, it's such a cute piece of clothing and I love having it in my wardrobe. Though I always have this urge to wear pantaloons underneath it for modesty's sake, and would if it wasn't an A line cut garment. I think Lolita's spoiled me a bit there, because I feel a little nekkid these days without the "proper" undergarments whenever I try to wear a dress or skirt normally XD

It was such a nice day when we went out, the skies were bright and blue and almost too warm for Mister to keep her winter sweater on!

Instagram : Faux Fun

I have one of those prepaid phones because I'm not a phone talker (I really dislike them to be honest) and keep one for work and emergency purposes only. But I have to say that I do enjoy the idea of Instagram and have toyed with the thought of upgrading my phone in order to play with it from time to time. Then I remember how silly it is to spend so much on a smart phone I'd never use simply for a picture taking/sharing feature and my thoughts on it usually end right there. Instead I decided to look into other options, ones that would give the basic effect and fun of it without having to bother with the entire deal since I normally carry some type of camera on my at all times and am often snapping at least one picture of something a day.

I found one site that offers Instagram 'styled' effects and rather like it. It may not have the same effects or the feature to upload onto a community and share with others the way a smart phone does, but for people like me who will prolly never 'modernize' themselves enough to join the smart phone age because I'm too cheap xD, it does fill the need for sure.

(All pictures below have been taken with all three of my various cams. Some DSLR, some Cybershot and at least one is my dated Cella Phone)

Shaking off the Rain | Evening Tea | Cabbage Flowers | The Lonely Leaf | Reflections | Master of the Trail | Meeces and Books | The Last Unicorn | Silent Hill | The Babbling Brook

Now to just find a site that will print faux instagram pictures the way the others do the real ones ...

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Wonderful Rainbowed Things

For Christmas (and late Christmas) I received some wonderful things from some good friends. I wanted to share them with you now ^_^

JUN!ZILLAAAAA is GETTTTTT! I lovers him, ever since I found out TokiDoki made this guy, I've wanted him because he reminds me so much of the zilla!Jun pictures I've done. I think I sqee'd a but when I opened one of my Christmas boxes to find him.

He also came with a friend. I call this one Stinky (after my beloved Stinky from my Animal Crossing town), since he reminds me of a Mexican wrestler pegacorn that a rainbow threw up on -haha.

Right now Stinky is co-overseer along with Strawctopus on the compy chest top, looking down on Zilla!Jun as a protector.

This pink coat was a gifty from the Rabbit. I adore it. It's a double breasted coat that's pink, how much more awesome can you get? I've worn it out already, though I didn't get snaps of my outfit (for reasons I've stated in my last post). I'll have to remember to take pictures though next time, before it becomes too warm here for me to wear it D:

These were in my stocking, also gifties from the Rabbit. The Tea Rose perfume is one of my favs as far as chemical spray perfumes go. I can't get enough of this. The petite star necklace is so delicate and elegant, I adore it. I've clipped this cute fox pin to my pink coat already and my toenails currently sport the sparkly gold (which likes to blind me when the sun hits xD). And finally the tiny little glass piggy with wings sits next to my Astrid Momiji and gumball machine along with Zilla!Jun now as you can see above ^_^

I have a few other things that I want to share, but I'll leave them for another post. I received some wonderful trinkets this holiday that I treasure and I can't thank my friends and Chibi enough for them. They know my love of cute, plush, pink, rainbows, unicorns, books and sparkly so well <3

I think at some point I'll do a room tour if anyone is interested, since I have this odd mix of Victorian inspired decor, dolls and rainbows. It's such a strange mixture jumbled together, yet somehow it works when I sit back and look at it all ^_^;