Saturday, March 31, 2012

OOTD : Rabbit of the Moon

JSK - Handmade | Blouse - Forever 21 | Bolero - Munamiu | Socks - offbrand | Shoes - Lovely Shoes | Shoe flower Clips - Handmade | Bloom Necklace - Kikosattic | Birdcage Necklace - Handmade | Earrings - Silverworks, Handmade | Ring - Target | Bloomers - Metamorphose

This was actually my outfit of the day... two days ago. I had just finished sewing the Moon Rabbit JSK using custom printed material from one of my favorite Spoonflower artists and did a quick Co'ord to showcase it. I really need to get a better mirror though (and maybe wait until there's enough light in my rooms before attempting to do my OOTDs 6_9) because the details get skewed in my current (cheap) one to the point that you can hardly see what's going on.

Sorry *_*;;

Anywho, moving on. As I said, I'd just finished this JSK and I have to say, save a few rushed bits on my part, I'm very happy with how it turned out. Here are the details.

The finished JSK front.

The back.

Bodice closeup.

Skirt detail with the lace.

Side hidden zip (that doesn't look very hidden here -haha)

Vintage glass crystal buttons for the straps.

Hand dyed silk ribbon detachable waist band sash.

Closeups of the necklaces.

This one is the bird cage necklace I made to go with this. Complete with tiny white rabbit hanging inside.

I had it printed on cotton voile because I wanted a light airy dress for the coming hot summer and it worked out perfectly. I can't wait to wear this one again. I'm still a little undecided about empire waists though, I think I might look just a little frumpier than I'd like in them but I wanted to give the style a go anyhow. I figure that it doesn't hurt to have at least one dress of this type in my wardrobe, right?

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wishlist Pt. 02 : The Classic

Did I say I'd post part 2 soon? I meant immediately -haha.

Here's a more classically toned down list of current wants...

Classic wishlist item #1

Rose Stained Glass Skirt. Bordeaux -Short.

I think I might actually be in love with this skirt *_* It's very, very pretty and definitely on my future to-buy list.

Classic wishlist item #2

Forever 21 ruffle blouse. Cream (ideally I'd like a MD, but the only size left in Cream is Lg so I'll make it work)

I have this in pink and need to get the same in cream before it's sold out. It's such a comfy, pretty blouse and would be perfect with the skirt I think, especially for the spring and summer.

Classic wishlist item #3

Napoleon Over Knee High Socks -in both Pink|brown and Bordeaux.

I love these, and have loved them since they came out. I need to get them too, before they end up being sold out D:

Classic Wishlist item #4

Bodyline Boots -again, all 3 pairs need to make it into my wardrobe eventually, but for this Co'ord, I'd most likely need to get ahold of the browns, in size 245 or 250.

Classic Wishlist item #5

Brown Book Bag form some shoppe on Rauken (or however you spell that)

I have so much love for this purse and should try and get it before it's sold out. I've been looking for a brown bag for a while since I have none and thought this would be the perfect start. It's really cute!

Classic Wishlist item #6

Unicorn Locket.

See, I have this thing about unicorns... I really love them and have been meaning to start my unicorn collection back up again for many, many long years. I adore this locket, and would love to have it eventually, it's just so pretty and... well unicorn, enough said.

Classic Wishlist item #7

Vintage Lawn Croquet set from Etsy.

I have wanted a croquet set forever, I'm not kidding. I've just never lived in a place where it would be feasible to own one (no lawn). Now that I have a lawn, it'd be so cool to get a hold of this, restore the mallets and get out there to play some good old fashioned Victorian Styled Croquet in the co'ord above.

This will happen, eventually anyway -haha.

So yes, thus concludes my current rori wishlists. I've shown you mine, now you show me yours xD

Wishlist Pt. 01 : The Candy

Spring is trying to set in here and Easter is coming. All of the pastels and slips of warm weather have put me in the mood for some candy coated co'ords to help brush off the blahs with light colored happiness.

Sifting through my want folders, I've managed to narrow down my current wishlist to these ->

Candy wishlist item #1

Infanta's Spring Fragrance Ballet Shoe Long JSK (that's a mouthful) in MD or LG (MD would fit exactly, but I'd prolly go with LG just to have some breathing room. You can always cinch something tighter, it's harder to make something that's too tight larger...)

I've had a mild growing obsession with light netted or chiffon garments as of late and I think this dress would be a perfect staple to a spring co'ord. It's so light and airy, and definitely elegant.

Candy Wishlist item #2

Rosette Cardigan Sweater, size MD or LG (I like my boleros/cardis a little larger)

I think this would work so well with the dress, it's very simple but also very pretty.

Candy Wishlist item #3

Secret Shop OTK Socks Model 705

I'm pretty sure these are AP Starry sky replica socks, but guh, want all three pairs because they are awesome. I could use any one of these pairs as a co'ord to the above two *_*<3

Candy Wishlist item #4

Bodyline Boots (I actually want all three colors of this boot, but mainly need white for this co'ord) in size 245 or 250. White is sold out here, so I'll have to keep looking for a similar pair. I still do want the browns and the blacks though.

Candy Wishlist item #5

Dream of Lolita Pretty Ribbon Bag in blue


Loris Dream Star Handbag in pink

I think these are both AP replicas, but again, I'm not sure. Either way I want them both for this co'ord. I wouldn't be using both at the same time, but I've been meaning to add these to my wardrobe separately for quite some time anyway and it'd be cool to have them so I could switch out, depending on the socks or whatnot I happen to be wearing on the particular day.

Candy Wishlist item #6

HANIKAMI Bear Drops Necklace (Yellow)

So yes to this. It's a jelly necklace bear. DO. WANT.

Candy Wishlist item #7

HANIKAMI Bear Drop Ring (Pink)

Again, it's jelly, it's pink, it's candy and yes please. WANT.

Candy Wishlist item #8

Fun rhinestoned headband, in pale blue.


I've wanted something from this shoppe for a while and I think these are both so cute, plus they'd both go really well with this set don't you think?

Well that's all for this wishlist, I'll be posting up a more classical wishlist soon. I have a ton of things I seem to want so it was pretty hard to narrow these down but I'm pretty happy with this current selection.

What about you? Anything cool on your current want list? show me what you've got ^_^

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Early Morning Hours

I've been a little busy lately with life and not feeling too great on top of it (mainly because I recently got some news that basically felt like a hard punch to the face ~_~), which has put me in a bit of a hermit mode over wanting to be social and do my regular updates.

I hate having a case of the blahs, it makes me feel more useless than normal...

Anywho, it's been raining on and off for the last week so I haven't been able to take Mister on her regular morning walks (which also meant that my off-week Sunday OOTD didn't happen either, boo). We have however, gone out for bathroom breaks and when we went out this morning, I found that a portion of the bird nest that's hidden up under the kitchen awning had fallen off, complete with a tiny broken egg resting inside. There was no sign of the chick, so I'm hoping that it's still up in the remaining portion of the nest and wasn't eaten by one of the neighborhood's random roaming cats.

Pictures were taken though, of that and more.

There was a Bichon Frise in the yard across the street, barking up a storm at anything and everything so Mister sat on the porch while I was taking pictures of the webbing above, gruffing at it the entire time xD

She lost interest after a while though...

...and quickly found some squirrels to chase instead =3

Monday, March 12, 2012

OOTD : Casual, Crown Royale and Classic

My Chibi an I just got back from a weekend long excursion to the Rabbit's house for the Chib's 18th birthday. It gave me the perfect excuse to bring some pretty dresses and get all dolled up for the occasion, so here's my outfit of the day... for the last three days.

March 10th ~ Casual Girly

Blouse - Forever 21 | Under tee - Angelic Pretty | Skirt - Metamorphose | Bloomers - Metamorphose | Socks - Angelic Pretty | Shoes - Poetic License | Jewelry - Handmade | Hair clips - Handmade

My hair has gotten long enough to pull up into little spikey pig tails =O I feel like such a hippy DX - but until I can find a place who can do my cute, Aeon Flux style bob correctly, I'm stuck letting it grow so I figured I might as well make the best of it and actually start wearing some hair accessories or something.

Since I currently don't own any, I decided to make a few. Velvet ribbon + Silk flowers = pretty, yes?

The rabbit sent me some hot pink nail polish for Valentine's Day and I decided to paint hearts on my nails this week. Cute, yes?

March 11th : Crown Royale

Blouse - F+F | JSK - Bodyline | Bolero - Vintage | Bloomers - Handmade | Petticoat - F+F | Socks - Secret Shoppe | Sandals - Irregular Choice | Purse - Metamorphose | Jewelry - Handmade (except the Harlequin cookie ring, which is from Strawberry Victoire on Etsy) | Hair clips - Handmade

I haven't worn this JSK in a long while and I remembered why I love it so much when I put it on. I think it's a replica of one of AP's prints, but I'm not sure. I originally bought it because I liked the combo of crowns and music notes, plus at the time I had no white in my wardrobe and thought this would be a good start. It's such a cute dress and I really should wear it more often so it doesn't end up sitting untouched like it usually does.

March 12th - Classic Rori

Blouse - Forever 21 | JSK - Innocent World | Bloomers - Metamorphose | Socks - Offbrand | Shoes - Bodyline | Jewelry - a mix of Handmade, Silverworks and Vintage

And for stepping outside...

Bolero - Metamorphose | Fawn collar - Handmade

It was pretty warm out yesterday so I decided to wear my Innocent World JSK for the first time. It's so comfy and I really love it. I actually wish I'd used my DSLR to get snaps of these last two days worth of outfits because while my pink cam is good for most other things, when it comes to getting mirror shots, the details (and my pictures in general) as you can see, end up blurry and obscured. Ah well, it won't be the last time these outfits (or version of them) find their way into my daily wear, and until then at least you get the general idea. It was a little exhausting dressing up for three days in a row, but fun. Ever since the move I haven't gone out all that much (because I still don't know my way around) and so don't usually feel the need to wear rori as often as I'd like. It was a nice change, that's for sure.

The visit itself was a lot of fun, we had yummy Japanese foods (+ green tea iced creams. So. Delicious =O), made funfetti cake, homemade mac and cheese and more. Mister and the Rabbit's pup, Gretchen went through some introduction roughness, but once their initial excitement died down, they were getting along pretty well by the final day. The Rabbit and I watched some Game of Thrones, talked about life and the boys, hit some fabric and craft stores up while the chibi played with the pups, read and slept (xD) -it was a nice break from our daily routines and I'm looking forward to the next time life slows down enough for us to get away for a weekend again <3