Sunday, March 17, 2013

OOTD : Bubblegum Parfait

Skirt - Modified Modcloth | Pink Blouse - F21 | Pinafore Blouse - Thrifted | Pantaloons - Metamorphose | Tights - F21 | Lace Socks - Etsy | Shoes - Montreal | Coat - F21 | JellyDrop Ring - Angelic Pretty | Necklace, bracelets, hair bobs - Handmade, Etsy

I wore this yesterday for my weekly shopping day. the skirt was actually a dress I bought from Modcloth last year. I wanted it because I loved the gradient ruffle tiers, but once I got it in person, I found that it was both too short for me (which is amazing, considering I'm 5'2") and I really disliked the way the top portion of it crossed. I planned to sell it or donate it, but never got around to it so it just sat unloved and unused in my closet the entire time.

When I did my closet cleaning all those months back, I pulled it down to have a look at it again only to realize that the way it had been put together would be pretty easy to convert because the top portion and the skirt were separated in two sections by a red gathered belt. Last week I finally got around to making the adjustment and I'm so happy I did, because I absolutely adore it as a skirt. It's just the right length now and I don't have to argue with my body over how the top fits, plus I think it's going to be much more versatile this way. I definitely plan on getting a ton of usage out of it now because it's so light and airy and the peaches and pinks are just perfect for spring ^_^

I also managed to snag this from the EGL Sales community a while back and I'm so glad I did. I've wanted this set forever =O Now all I need to do is get pink bunny version from Angelic Pretty before it's gone, that way I'll have the matching set. I have this thing about clear colored jelly looking stuff, it's like some weird plastic treasure I have a compulsion to possess -haha.

Shhh, I'm in disguise 8D

Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Birthday Deal

Last week, my chibi turned 19 years old. This made me cry a little on the inside because my baby, she's starting to become all growned up (Only one more year until she's no longer a 'teen' -eek!) D:

She didn't really want anything special done (not even a dinner o_o;) but myself and our room mate decided she had to have something so we took her out to get Vietnamese foods at a place called Pho Far East, and it was wonderful. It's been almost 2 years now since we've had Vietnamese food, VA was sadly lacking in any real asian culture (actually, it prolly wasn't on a whole, but we personally weren't around it and had no access), and here, it's really just been a matter of accessibility that's held us back. I found that I missed it something fierce.

Anywho, this is the outfit I wore...

JSK - Innocent World | Blouse - Ruche | Bolero - Vintage | Tights - F21 | Bloomers - Metamorphose | Socks - Etsy | Shoes - Poetic License | Mitts - Vintage | Coat - Offbrand | Jewelry and Hair Bobs- Handmade, Target, Etsy, Silverworks | Purse - TaoBao

I really should have taken off my jacket for these shots, because I spaced getting pics of the cuteness that was underneath. I was wearing my vintage crochet half bolero with pottery cookie pins anchoring it to the JSK straps, and my pretty lace blouse. Boo, next time then, it's starting to get too warm for the jacket anyway.

These took about a billion years too long to do, and they don't show up well in the pics but they are super iridescent and sparkly with gold bling at the tips. Yeah, these will last about 5 mins after I start sewing on monday -lol. <-They are already chipped and partially gone xD

at the restaurant, I got some Vietnamese coffees. I think I've found that I like it better in packets (there were a lot of coffee grounds in mine and while I managed to get most of them out, the thought of hitting one put my off a little from it on a whole).

My foods, omg so good. Rice noodles, pork and shrimp. I did make the mistake of dumping the entire bowl of fish sauce on it, which in the past has been no problem, but this place put a clump of Sriracha in there and it was pretty spicy. Still good though, just had to keep a tissue for my nose closeby while I was eating xD I forgot to get a pic of the spring rolls, but we had those too and oh how I've missed them. Rice noodles, bean sprouts, lettuce ,pork and shrimp wrapped with rice paper with a side of peanut dipping sauce. I could eat about a duffel bag's worth of them right now *_*

It was a good day - full, but good. My chibi was happy enough (She's now on a Yugioh Zexal marathon because I got her the DVD set) and she liked her gifties (she got all the peeps, Zexal DVD set, Target gift card and some megaman shirts). Once home we also ate a white cake with white chocolate and cream cheese frosting, with a cream center filled with blondie bites, then more cream and caramel on top, with vanilla bean iced cream as a side to celebrate <-It was amazing, but I felt like a puffy marshed mallow for the rest of the night after I ate my small slice -haha.

Now to end this, have some bonus Mister shots because she's adorable and cute =3

Cuteeeeeee <3

Saturday, March 2, 2013

OOTD : Oh Deer!

JSK- Innocent World | Blouse - F21 | Bloomers - Metamorphose | Tights - Target | Boots - Bodyline | Mitts - Vintage | Coat - Offbrand | Necklace and broach - Etsy | Collar, ring and hair bobs - Handmade

I've wanted a 3D moss mushroom ring ever since I saw the rings Tinytoadstool made for her shop. Sadly I wasn't able to get one of hers before they sold out, so I made an "inspired by" version of my own ^^

I have no idea where Mister thought she was going, I was just following her lead xD

One of the last things I was able to buy before my tax monies were all spent was this JSK from Innocent World and I wore it for the first time today for my weekly shopping and errands trip. I've wanted it since it was released and thought that I was going to miss it, but luckily it was still up when my money came through. Originally I was hoping to get the mint colorway, but by the time I got to it the only color left was the Cafe au Lait. I figured that having it in any color was better than having it in none, so I went ahead and put my order through. While I was waiting for IW to send me a confirmation, I happened to go up on the site again and noticed that suddenly the mint was back in stock =O

I immediately mailed IW asking if it were possible to exchange since mint hadn't been up there when I did order and then waited yet again for their reply. They got back to me rather quickly, with an apology and an explanation as to why the mint went back in stock (someone had been cancelled due to non payment) and why they were unable to exchange (they'd just sent my dress the day before), but had they not sent it they would have been more than happy to exchange. They also mentioned that even though I couldn't change the color, they still hoped that the Cafe au Lait would become my favorite. I told that it was alright and I understood, and that I was grateful for their efforts for it anyway. Plus I couldn't help the smile that came with their final comment, because it was a rather cute touch.

Well the next day, the dress showed up at my door and as soon as I opened the package ->

I am so happy it had been sent before I could exchange, because the color is very pretty in person and I think being that it's neutral, it's going to give me a wider range for co'ords. I told IW about this,how it's so much prettier in person than it looked on my screen and thanked them again for all their efforts. They mailed me immediately back saying that they were surprised the dress arrived so quickly (their exact words were -> o.o wow! -haha), and that they are happy I was satisfied with the color, but how they will have to do something about how they present their clothing from now on because it is hard to get the proper colors to show up on the screen.

Oh Innocent World, you so crazy,but you definitely have earned a customer for life ^_^

Wednesday, February 20, 2013 Mini Review

Recently a friend sent me an invite code to try out Graze, which is a UK based company that's making a debut in the states for healthy snacks and such, delivered once a week to your door. During the promo they are giving out the first box free to invitees, so you can try their services before actually making a commitment to buy. I was a little weary about it honestly, because I've had issues in the past with cancelling so-called free tryouts (in my experience, once I put in my card number to get the "free" first or trial run items, it takes some serious jumping of hoops to cancel it before charges go through) -I usually remedy this by simply not bothering with promotions that require you to enter your card number to get their "free" item, but after reading my friend's review (and hers before her), cancelling didn't seem as if it'd be a nightmare and so I figured I'd give it a go. I also figured that if I did end up liking it, the most I'd end up paying would be five dollars for each new box they send (with deliveries set to once a week, or every 2 - 4 weeks, depending on my preferences), which for a four pack of healthy snacks, is considerably low.

Setting up an account was easy, and once there I was able to sift through the pages of snacks and hit either the "trash" button for things I wasn't interested in (every snack that contained chocolate, I'm looking at you), or press a try, like or love button for future boxes to come. There's a lot of variety on the site and surprisingly, most of it are things I'm interested in trying. They prepare the boxes for you so what you get is random, but they won't send you anything you've trashed either. You are also given a choice between what they've called a "Nibble box" or a "Light box", I chose the Nibble box. I've been told the Light box restricts the higher calorie things (like chocolate) which I prolly could have gone with, but I like the idea of having a choice on a few higher cal things here and there.

From the time of set up, it took about a week and half for the first box to arrive, which had me concerned at first since it showed by my account that they'd sent two out (as well as charged me for the second box as it had been stated) and when I contacted them about it because I'd been worried about having a chance to decide whether or not to continue the service before I even got to try, they ended up comping me another free box for the delay =O It was completely unnecessary but very much appreciated and I'm willing to support them for as long as I'm able due to it. I'm very happy to spend monies when I do have it, on a company that's willing to go the extra mile for their potential customers and they definitely won me over with that right off the bat.

Once I did receive the first box, which is simply,but effectively packaged, I opened it up to see what they'd sent and was greeted with this. I'm really impressed with the way the snacks are packaged and how plain brown the box is, while being so vibrant and green on the inside. I also appreciate the card it came with, which was a printed note about the program, the fact that the first box was free, four invite codes for me to hand out and the nutrition facts of each snack.

Following my preferences I was sent Hot Cross Yum, Mississippi BBQ Pistachios, Super Berry Detox and Herby Basket for this first box. The portions are nicely sized for such a compact arrangement and even though it's meant for one person to snack (or graze) upon, the size of each cup afforded an easy split between myself and my Chibi without leaving me feeling as if I've gone without.

The BBQ pistachios were awesome, a good amount of flavor without drowning out the taste of the nut itself. I'm also a pistachio fan, so I was a little biased on them to begin with. I thought I would like the Hot Cross Yum more than I did though. It contained candied almonds, orange raisins and small little spongy cake drops. The main issue I had with this one was the cake drops because they tasted too much like softened Fruit Loops for my liking and honestly, I'm not sure I'd eat it again. Though the almonds and the raisins were great so this one wasn't a complete loss for me, and luckily my Chibi liked the cake drops so I was able to pan them all off on her.

I feel a little meh about the berry detox, not in a bad way mind you, because the mix of berries it comes with is great, it's mostly that I'm not sure it's something I'd eat regularly because it feels a little too much like a box of different flavored raisins, or 100 calorie cranberry snacks and wouldn't be something I'd grab when I'm wanting to snack. Personal preference on that one though, since I've never really been over the moon about dried berries of any kind. The Herby Basket on the other hand was wonderful and I had a really hard time keeping to my half with it because I wanted to eat it all. I especially liked the oregano rice cracker bits and would be quite happy to get a bucket full of those. They were so good that I could totally be eating them right now xD

What I like about this is that once you get your box, you can go back into your account and rate the snacks you've received by the trash, try, like or love system. If you get a snack you aren't very fond of, you can trash it so they won't send it to you again. If you get one that you'd like again, you can love it so they'll be more likely to put it back in your mix with future boxes should you choose to continue receiving the service. I really like that option actually, because it'll tailor what I get from them to my exact tastes.

It also came with a napkin (which is neatly tucked in the bottom of the box, underneath the snacks in a bed of green printed grass.) which I find a great touch. I think that five dollars a box is quite a steal for all this, considering the amount you get and how it's presented to you. I'm definitely looking forward to new ones whenever they come in and I do hope I'll be able to support the company for a good long while to come! (even if at some point, my finances force me to drop my deliveries down to once a month ^_^;).

Saturday, February 2, 2013

OOTD: Pastel Windows

Blouse - Forever 21 | Pinafore - Offbrand | Skirt - Metamorphose | Bloomers - Metamorphose | Tights - Forever 21 | Socks - Offbrand | Jacket - Offbrand | Boots - Bodyline | Bonnet - Vintage | Collar - Handmade | Cuffs - Silverworks | Jewelry - Handmade, Vintage, Etsy

Did some shopping with the Rabbit today and this is what I wore. I bought the bonnet from a vintage shoppe a few weeks back and today was the first day I wore it out. I've been enchanted with the idea of bonnets for a while and despite the fact that I wasn't sure whether or not I could pull them off, I figured it wouldn't hurt to give it a try. At first I thought about making my own but the supplies would have cost just as much as this already finished one so I went vintage instead. I'm glad I did because I find it lovely. Larger bonnets (mainly the kind that are popular/standard in lolita) aren't really my thing because they look a little too 'bobeep' and costumey imo and while there are some that can wear them perfectly, I know I'm not one of those people, but these smaller ones suit me better than I imagined. I already love this bonnet and am planning for more!

During the outing, I got stopped a few times by older ladies asking about my bonnet or complimenting it along with my mode of dress. I can see why, the style of hats in general should never have gone out as far as I'm concerned ^_^

Mister of course doesn't care what I have on my head so long as she gets her walk. Here you can see her impatience while I try to get her to pose for the camera just a little longer...

She wasn't exactly having it -haha.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Mister's Big Adventure...

The other day, I decided to go on an adventure...

...and I allowed my person to tag along.
The weather was overcast and rainy, and we weren't properly dressed for the occasion. We knew we would freeze if we weren't careful so we made sure not to linger in any one place for very long.

The roads were long and rather treacherous, but we braved them and soldiered on...

Soon we found a rickety dangerous bridge blocking our path and just as we were about to take a step forward to cross it, a terrible noise rang out from below. I turned to find a bridge troll rearing its ugly head from the dark shadows and he dared to demand the sacrifice of my person as a toll to cross his shabby little bridge!
I would do anything to protect my person from harm so with a snarl and a growl, I quickly gathered my courage, showed my hackles and chased the nasty troll up into a nearby tree. With the bridge now unprotected, we were free to cross in safety and so we continued into the vast lands that lay beyond.

After hours of travel we spotted a beautiful glen with a rushing river far in the distance. I was so thirsty from my battle with the troll that I decided to lead my person towards it in hopes that I could find a safe way down in order to drink from the fresh sparkling water within.

But once we drew close we found our path down blocked by a cliff and even though I tried to warn my person not to venture too close to it, a flock of birds flew overhead just then and made so much noise that she couldn't hear me. In one heart stopping moment, my person lost her footing and slipped over the edge!

I didn't think twice and jumped down after her because Mister the brave leaves no one behind!

Once I quenched my thirst with the clear water of the river, I realized we were trapped.

The cliff was far too steep to climb back up so I had to search for another way out...

My keen sense of smell told me it would be safest to travel along the river bank so I led my person on...

We traveled past the swollen banks of the raging water...

Until we happened upon a break, which we cautiously crossed.

But once we were on the other side, we found ourselves in a grassy swamp...

I tried to turn back and lead my person to safety, but it was too late!

The rain started to fall again and the river suddenly swelled, making it impossible to go back!

So on we were forced to go. This swamp was dark and gloomy, and I was cautious -sniffing out the dangerous dens of venomous snakes and monster crocodiles in order to avoid them with every step...

Eventually we reached the center of the swamp where we found a Great Black Lake. To our surprise, the surface reflected our distant homes like magic and as we drew closer, the wind began to whisper us falsehoods -beckoning us into its depths and promising us a way out.
But despite our weariness, we knew it was a trap. The lake was icy and cold and if we attempted to swim it, we knew we would be lost to this watery grave forever!

So I turned away...

...and lead my person back into the swamp to the riverbank in order to find another way out. Even though we wanted nothing more than to stop and rest, we knew we needed to escape before nightfall lest we be trapped forever so we continued to soldier on and on...

My tenacity paid off and soon I spotted a mountain, with giant boulders that reached high up into the sky.

It seemed impossible and my person had doubts we could make it, but I had confidence in us so I pushed her to begin the climb...

With every last ounce of strength we had, we made our ways to safety, then carefully retraced our steps to the empty troll bridge, where we crossed to find the long and winding paths we first took and continued on until we were safely back home...

The End.
Until the next adventure I choose to have...