Saturday, March 2, 2013

OOTD : Oh Deer!

JSK- Innocent World | Blouse - F21 | Bloomers - Metamorphose | Tights - Target | Boots - Bodyline | Mitts - Vintage | Coat - Offbrand | Necklace and broach - Etsy | Collar, ring and hair bobs - Handmade

I've wanted a 3D moss mushroom ring ever since I saw the rings Tinytoadstool made for her shop. Sadly I wasn't able to get one of hers before they sold out, so I made an "inspired by" version of my own ^^

I have no idea where Mister thought she was going, I was just following her lead xD

One of the last things I was able to buy before my tax monies were all spent was this JSK from Innocent World and I wore it for the first time today for my weekly shopping and errands trip. I've wanted it since it was released and thought that I was going to miss it, but luckily it was still up when my money came through. Originally I was hoping to get the mint colorway, but by the time I got to it the only color left was the Cafe au Lait. I figured that having it in any color was better than having it in none, so I went ahead and put my order through. While I was waiting for IW to send me a confirmation, I happened to go up on the site again and noticed that suddenly the mint was back in stock =O

I immediately mailed IW asking if it were possible to exchange since mint hadn't been up there when I did order and then waited yet again for their reply. They got back to me rather quickly, with an apology and an explanation as to why the mint went back in stock (someone had been cancelled due to non payment) and why they were unable to exchange (they'd just sent my dress the day before), but had they not sent it they would have been more than happy to exchange. They also mentioned that even though I couldn't change the color, they still hoped that the Cafe au Lait would become my favorite. I told that it was alright and I understood, and that I was grateful for their efforts for it anyway. Plus I couldn't help the smile that came with their final comment, because it was a rather cute touch.

Well the next day, the dress showed up at my door and as soon as I opened the package ->

I am so happy it had been sent before I could exchange, because the color is very pretty in person and I think being that it's neutral, it's going to give me a wider range for co'ords. I told IW about this,how it's so much prettier in person than it looked on my screen and thanked them again for all their efforts. They mailed me immediately back saying that they were surprised the dress arrived so quickly (their exact words were -> o.o wow! -haha), and that they are happy I was satisfied with the color, but how they will have to do something about how they present their clothing from now on because it is hard to get the proper colors to show up on the screen.

Oh Innocent World, you so crazy,but you definitely have earned a customer for life ^_^

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