Sunday, August 26, 2012

Yesterday's Post

Year 2 . Day 9

There was some pool party thing happening at the complex yesterday and for some fundraising reason, a fire truck showed up with all sorts of firefighters. I was walking Mister (while not attending the pool party) and wanted a shot because the trucks here are vibrant... not that they aren't vibrant in Seattle, but I grew up with those, these are shiny and new ^_^

Previous days, including all of the ending to year one is up ->HERE

And now for some extra shots.

I wanted to do an OOTD post with the outfit I wore yesterday, but I really do need to find myself a better mirror. None of the full body shots I took turned out so all you get is a shoe picture, end of my dress and a blurry Mister who wouldn't stand still long enough for the click xD

^_^ <3

Friday, August 24, 2012

365 Days, Year 2, Day 8

Year 2 . Day 8

Previous days, including all of the ending to year one is up ->HERE

I found this snail shell on Mister's morning walk and brought it back with me in order to take a clear pic. The heart has been on the outside banister for quite a long while and so while I admittedly staged the pic, I thought it'd be a little more exciting this way than just a plain picture of an old shell on no background at all ^_^

Thursday, August 23, 2012

365 Project : Year 2, Days 3 - 7

Day 3

I've little say about this picture, I just liked the composition of it.

Day 4

I was testing the boundaries of how close my pink cam will go and I've found that while it will go very close before it begins to blur everything, how much clarity I get depends on the subject. It had a little trouble with this one, there was too many other things it wanted to focus in on and it took multiple attempts to get even one halfway decent shot.

Day 5

Originally I just wanted a shot of the broken glass... until I realized there was a month attempting to be stealthy on the faux candlestick. Not the clearest picture, but to be fair it took a lot just to get the camera to focus in on the contents over the very dirty (and very spotty) glass that it preferred xD

Day 6

I've already done a shot of Mister's paw prints in the clay, but not for the 365 project so I decided to have a go at it again. Her wickle feeters are too cute not to document.

Day 7

This moth was so patient with me as I got up in its grill attempting to get the closest shot of it that I could... until I accidentally bumped it with the lens when I got a little too close. It flew away just after this shot -haha

Previous days, including all of the ending to year one is up ->HERE

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Early Morning Hours

I love waking up to the rain, it clears the air and makes me feel so much like I'm still in Seattle. At least here anyway, because when it rained in VA it wasn't very pleasant at all (often it was too hot and muggy, and instead of being uplifted by the downfall, the scenery was often bleak, leaving me feeling rather blah in the end...)

The only problem is poor Mister, we came back from a shortened morning walk with her soaked to the bone (I had an umbrella but she's so low to the ground that it doesn't do her much good -haha) -I think the next time I travel to the pet store I should invest in a raincoat for her so she won't get so thoroughly wet ^^;

Anywho, here are some pics from the porch this morning. Simple in nature, but I find them calming. Then again, I always find the rain pretty calming.

I've also finally sorted out the last of my 365 day photos and uploaded them to my project site, then decided to start up Year 2. This year though, the challenge is that every daily picture I take must be done with my Cybershot pink camera and not the canon. I've decided this because over the years, I've grown a little disenchanted with the idea of the more expensive DSLRs (or rather, I should say that it's the stigma that's attached to them these days that I've become disenchanted with. I'm a little tired of the overall opinion being that you can't take a good picture without a shell of a camera that costs a thousand and up so I'd like to prove to myself that I am still capable of taking halfway decent shots with my "cheaper" cam and plan to do just that). Whether I succeed or not, remains to be seen...

So here we are, what I've done so far ->

Year 2 . Day 1

Year 2 . Day 2

Previous days, including all of the ending to year one is up ->HERE

Hope you all are having a good morning as well ^_^

Friday, August 10, 2012

Evening Walkabout

It rained pretty hard today, so much so that for a good long while I wasn't sure I'd be able to take Mister on her second walk. But just before evening set completely in it eased up and off we went.

Mister was very happy, she does love her walks...

I enjoy them too ^_^

Sunday, August 5, 2012

A crafting sort of day...

The move has been completed and I'm finally starting to get myself organized again. So hello again, to my few followers, I promise from now on that I'll do better at keeping this journal updated more frequently from here on out.

Today I took a trip down to the Asian Market with a friend. It's been a while since I've been in one and was so happy to find they had the brand of Vietnamese coffees I so love. I ended up buying two bags to tide me over, since it will probably be another month before I'll get to go again. I also walked away with Udon, fishcake, milk caramels and more. on the way out we stopped at their bakery and I got myself a custard cream bun (so delicious) and my daughter an egg tart.

Once home it was cleaning day so I spent a few hours cleaning everything top to bottom, only to follow it up with a couple hours of hand sewing time.

I'm not too fond of hand sewing because my stitches never look even enough for me, but this particular project requires it so I'm trying not to be too critical about it. I have an issue with hating on my work while it's in progress to the point that I'll drop things off without finishing them and I'm trying not to do that here. I'm forcing myself to follow through and only allowing myself to judge it at the end. ^^;

It's been a good lazy couple of hours though, and I think I need to find the time to do this more often.

Mister spent her time sleeping as you can see, and looking adorable throughout it. Speaking of Mister, she's awake now and looking for her evening walk so I will have to sign off. It's taken five minutes longer than it should have to type this because she keeps shoving her nose into my hands to tell me it's time to go -haha