Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sketches and Random Things

Man, I really need to get over here and update this more often. It's constantly on my mind and yet I constantly seem to fail in doing so. Ah well, sooner or later I'll get used to my new life schedule and then hopefully... hopefully I'll start getting the hang of this multiple account thing as well.

Anywho, unloading a bunch of sketches, and done art. Last month's AC as well as a few sketch diary pages. Random is random.

The theme was "pumpkins".

Which Fuan rocked, of course.
Then a birssday card for a certain Rabbit, featuring her Mitten.

And finally, sketch diary entries 1 and 2...

Oh yes. Next time I'll try to do entries as I go, instead of unloading a ton of things all at once D: