Friday, October 26, 2012

OOTD: The Minty Blues

JSK - Bodyline | Blouse, Petticoat - F+F | Bolero, Mitts - Vintage | Tights - F21 | Socks - Etsy | Shoes - Poetic License | Pantaloons - Handmade | Purse - ASOS | Jewelry - Etsy, Handmade, Silverworks | Hair Bobs - Handmade

The Chibi and I had some errands to run and this was my co'ord for that day. It was a little cooler so I thought I was dressing appropriately for it, but I ended up being a little too warm because of my blouse. I really need to find a nice sheer black blouse, because the one I have right now is too thick for the current weather, unfortunately.

I love these shoes, but after a few hours of walking around in them, I was so ready to get back home and don some nice comfy flats -haha

Monday, October 22, 2012

OOTD : Antique Clock

Blouse - Forever 21 | Skirt - Bodyline | Bolero - Vintage | Petticoat - F+F | Bloomers - Handmade | Tights - Target | Socks - Etsy | Mitts - Vintage | Shoes - Irregular Choice | jewelry - Silverworks, handmade, Etsy

Saturday was shopping day and this is what I wore. I know I've said this a few times, but after cleaning out my closet of most of that Sweet stuff, I'm sort of left with a limited wardrobe to co'ord with. I haven't worn this skirt for 8 months or so... I think I only wore it once after I got it actually, which is silly because I do like it.

I do need to start rebuilding though, some pieces are better than none at all, but still... my co'ords are all going to be a bit boring until I start adding new clothing to the closet to mix it up just a bit more.

All in time, all in time...

Anywho, so the Rabbit and I went out to get stuff done and after one store run, we decided to stop into Panera's to get something to eat (which was good because I was starving D:) - I picked up the macaroni and cheese (plus an onion soup to go for my Chibi ^o^ /) ->

And the Rabbit got herself the french onion soup and a salad.

It was so yummy and I wish I was eating it right now >.<

OOTD : School Plaids

JSK - F+F | Blouse - Forever 21 | Blazer - Metamorphose | Bloomers - Handmade | Tights - Target | Shoes - T.U.K | Mitts - Vintage | Jewelry - Silverworks, Etsy, Target, Handmade | Purse - F+F

The Chibi and I took a walk up to the Post with Mister the other day to send some packages I needed to send and this is the outfit I wore. It was a little chilly when we left the house so I figured it would be good to break out the Autumn JSK since I haven't worn it in over a year (it's thicker material so during the summer months, it gets tucked completely away) -I don't usually wear longer dresses because they make me look even shorter than I actually am (which is saying a lot considering I already look pretty short) but for some reason I've never minded the cut of this dress and find it very flattering (I suppose it's probably the style of it). I'd like to get more dresses along this style, at least to wear during the autumn and winder months, I've just yet to find any I like enough to buy.

The scenery along the walk was very pretty and of course I snapped some pics. The leaves are all starting to change colors and I adore the transition. I find the greens mixed with browns, yellows and reds beautiful, don't you?

On the way back we found these oddly shaped lavender-ish mushrooms. I've never seen lavender before =O Very pretty, but I'm sure highly poisonous so while I was taking pics, my Chibi had to hold Mister off to the side.

It was sunny, but chilli enough to break out Mister's coat. She's such a tiny thing with no real undercoat so if the temperature drops, she shivers too much when she's outside. I get so used to her without clothing in the summer months that when winter comes and she has to wear her shirts, it takes me a few days to get used to looking at her in them again... but then when it warms up and it's time to take the clothing off in the summer months, I've gotten so used to her in them that without it she looks nekkid to me for a while xD

She waited patiently for a change for these pics (so cute, this little face >.<), though not for very long. The moment I stood back up she was ready to get back on with the rest of the walk -haha.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

OOTD : Polkadot Bones

JSK - Innocent World | Blouse - F+F | Jacket - Metamorphose | Petticoat - F+F | Pantaloons - Handmade | Socks - Offbrand | Shoes - Montreal | Purse - Metamorphose | Jewelry - Silverworks, Etsy

Mister tried to chase a squirrel into the bush, it took us a moment to call her out xD

Today the Chibi and I had to do a Sewing Shoppe/Store run and I decided to wear the JSK and socks she got me a while ago out. I've been wanting a pair of skeleton OTK socks for a while so I was all smiley when she bought them, and now that the weather has started to cool, I can wear them out without dying (they are thicker and definitely not for the summer months -haha)


I also realized that it's been over a year since I last wore my Meta school jacket. I really need to do more co'ords with it because I like it a lot (it was one of the very first Brand pieces I bought), but I think it got a little lost in my closet honestly D: Early on in the week however, I had a moment of "I hate almost everything in my rori closet" and cleaned it out and now that most of the random pieces are no longer hanging up there and stifling me, it's put the rest of the wardrobe in perspective. I now have a better base to build from and hopefully, in the coming months I'll be able to do so. It's left me with a lot less separates to wear, but I'm happier for it. Looking at the way it had been going since my first move had seriously been giving me a headache.

Have you ever had one of those moments? If so, what did you do? did you clear the parts of your wardrobe that you couldn't stand out or keep them and hope you'd get past it?

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

OOTD : Arching Bows

Skirt - Metamorphose | Blouse - Bodyline | Socks - Offbrand | Bloomers - Handmade | Boots - Bodyline | Purse - F+F | Jacket - Tripp | Jewelry - Handmade and Etsy

(Argh, these pictures are so blurry. Sorry D:)

October is here and that means Halloween planning has begun! The Chibi had a day off so we took the opportunity to go up to the local Seasonal Halloween Shoppe to grab a couple of things for our planned costumes. I bought this dress new off the EGL sales community almost a year ago and this was the first time I've worn it out. It's so pretty but I've had nothing to coordinate with it so it's been sitting in my closet untouched. I decided today was the day to try it out, even if my co'ord ended up pretty simple due to a lack of things still that will go well with it. Ah well, I did my best and it won't be the last time I wear this so I'll just have to start adding pieces into my closet that will go with it better from now on.

This was also the first day I tried out my boots since I bought them some six months ago. I thought they'd hurt because most shoes require some breaking in, but they were surprisingly comfortable (which is good since I plan to use them for Halloween day). I've been meaning to buy the same pair of these in both white and black for quite a long while, but knowing how comfortable they are now I need to stop planning and actually follow through with it since these brown pair are the only boots I have in my rori wardrobe at the moment. I definitely need a few more pairs =O

As for what we bought...

Can you guess what our costumes are going to be?