Monday, October 22, 2012

OOTD : School Plaids

JSK - F+F | Blouse - Forever 21 | Blazer - Metamorphose | Bloomers - Handmade | Tights - Target | Shoes - T.U.K | Mitts - Vintage | Jewelry - Silverworks, Etsy, Target, Handmade | Purse - F+F

The Chibi and I took a walk up to the Post with Mister the other day to send some packages I needed to send and this is the outfit I wore. It was a little chilly when we left the house so I figured it would be good to break out the Autumn JSK since I haven't worn it in over a year (it's thicker material so during the summer months, it gets tucked completely away) -I don't usually wear longer dresses because they make me look even shorter than I actually am (which is saying a lot considering I already look pretty short) but for some reason I've never minded the cut of this dress and find it very flattering (I suppose it's probably the style of it). I'd like to get more dresses along this style, at least to wear during the autumn and winder months, I've just yet to find any I like enough to buy.

The scenery along the walk was very pretty and of course I snapped some pics. The leaves are all starting to change colors and I adore the transition. I find the greens mixed with browns, yellows and reds beautiful, don't you?

On the way back we found these oddly shaped lavender-ish mushrooms. I've never seen lavender before =O Very pretty, but I'm sure highly poisonous so while I was taking pics, my Chibi had to hold Mister off to the side.

It was sunny, but chilli enough to break out Mister's coat. She's such a tiny thing with no real undercoat so if the temperature drops, she shivers too much when she's outside. I get so used to her without clothing in the summer months that when winter comes and she has to wear her shirts, it takes me a few days to get used to looking at her in them again... but then when it warms up and it's time to take the clothing off in the summer months, I've gotten so used to her in them that without it she looks nekkid to me for a while xD

She waited patiently for a change for these pics (so cute, this little face >.<), though not for very long. The moment I stood back up she was ready to get back on with the rest of the walk -haha.

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  1. Yay fall! I'm so happy to see it arrive and love the pics of the leaves, trees, and mushrooms.

    The plaid JSK is awesome and definitely suited to the season ^__^