Monday, October 22, 2012

OOTD : Antique Clock

Blouse - Forever 21 | Skirt - Bodyline | Bolero - Vintage | Petticoat - F+F | Bloomers - Handmade | Tights - Target | Socks - Etsy | Mitts - Vintage | Shoes - Irregular Choice | jewelry - Silverworks, handmade, Etsy

Saturday was shopping day and this is what I wore. I know I've said this a few times, but after cleaning out my closet of most of that Sweet stuff, I'm sort of left with a limited wardrobe to co'ord with. I haven't worn this skirt for 8 months or so... I think I only wore it once after I got it actually, which is silly because I do like it.

I do need to start rebuilding though, some pieces are better than none at all, but still... my co'ords are all going to be a bit boring until I start adding new clothing to the closet to mix it up just a bit more.

All in time, all in time...

Anywho, so the Rabbit and I went out to get stuff done and after one store run, we decided to stop into Panera's to get something to eat (which was good because I was starving D:) - I picked up the macaroni and cheese (plus an onion soup to go for my Chibi ^o^ /) ->

And the Rabbit got herself the french onion soup and a salad.

It was so yummy and I wish I was eating it right now >.<

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  1. That skirt should definitely get worn more often because it's super cute ^^ Wardrobe rebuilding always takes time [I'm giving myself this speech quite often lately - lol], but it can sometimes lead to rediscovering pieces that we own and don't often wear, which is awesome.

    The in-shopping food was delicious [go go fork action shot! XD] and I recommend both the French onion soup and the salad. They made a great combo. We'll have to stop there again so you can try the pumpkin latte~