Tuesday, October 2, 2012

OOTD : Arching Bows

Skirt - Metamorphose | Blouse - Bodyline | Socks - Offbrand | Bloomers - Handmade | Boots - Bodyline | Purse - F+F | Jacket - Tripp | Jewelry - Handmade and Etsy

(Argh, these pictures are so blurry. Sorry D:)

October is here and that means Halloween planning has begun! The Chibi had a day off so we took the opportunity to go up to the local Seasonal Halloween Shoppe to grab a couple of things for our planned costumes. I bought this dress new off the EGL sales community almost a year ago and this was the first time I've worn it out. It's so pretty but I've had nothing to coordinate with it so it's been sitting in my closet untouched. I decided today was the day to try it out, even if my co'ord ended up pretty simple due to a lack of things still that will go well with it. Ah well, I did my best and it won't be the last time I wear this so I'll just have to start adding pieces into my closet that will go with it better from now on.

This was also the first day I tried out my boots since I bought them some six months ago. I thought they'd hurt because most shoes require some breaking in, but they were surprisingly comfortable (which is good since I plan to use them for Halloween day). I've been meaning to buy the same pair of these in both white and black for quite a long while, but knowing how comfortable they are now I need to stop planning and actually follow through with it since these brown pair are the only boots I have in my rori wardrobe at the moment. I definitely need a few more pairs =O

As for what we bought...

Can you guess what our costumes are going to be?


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  1. The boots are adorable and yay for them being so comfortable [although I often find rori shoes to be more comfortable than regular heels and whatnot, so maybe I shouldn't be surprised.] Now that it may finally be fall here, you can get some good use out of them. ^^

    The print on the skirt is so cute and definitely needs more wearing!