Sunday, August 26, 2012

Yesterday's Post

Year 2 . Day 9

There was some pool party thing happening at the complex yesterday and for some fundraising reason, a fire truck showed up with all sorts of firefighters. I was walking Mister (while not attending the pool party) and wanted a shot because the trucks here are vibrant... not that they aren't vibrant in Seattle, but I grew up with those, these are shiny and new ^_^

Previous days, including all of the ending to year one is up ->HERE

And now for some extra shots.

I wanted to do an OOTD post with the outfit I wore yesterday, but I really do need to find myself a better mirror. None of the full body shots I took turned out so all you get is a shoe picture, end of my dress and a blurry Mister who wouldn't stand still long enough for the click xD

^_^ <3

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  1. I love that the white mushrooms look like perfect parasols, complete with a lacy trim ^__^