Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wishlist Pt. 02 : The Classic

Did I say I'd post part 2 soon? I meant immediately -haha.

Here's a more classically toned down list of current wants...

Classic wishlist item #1

Rose Stained Glass Skirt. Bordeaux -Short.

I think I might actually be in love with this skirt *_* It's very, very pretty and definitely on my future to-buy list.

Classic wishlist item #2

Forever 21 ruffle blouse. Cream (ideally I'd like a MD, but the only size left in Cream is Lg so I'll make it work)

I have this in pink and need to get the same in cream before it's sold out. It's such a comfy, pretty blouse and would be perfect with the skirt I think, especially for the spring and summer.

Classic wishlist item #3

Napoleon Over Knee High Socks -in both Pink|brown and Bordeaux.

I love these, and have loved them since they came out. I need to get them too, before they end up being sold out D:

Classic Wishlist item #4

Bodyline Boots -again, all 3 pairs need to make it into my wardrobe eventually, but for this Co'ord, I'd most likely need to get ahold of the browns, in size 245 or 250.

Classic Wishlist item #5

Brown Book Bag form some shoppe on Rauken (or however you spell that)

I have so much love for this purse and should try and get it before it's sold out. I've been looking for a brown bag for a while since I have none and thought this would be the perfect start. It's really cute!

Classic Wishlist item #6

Unicorn Locket.

See, I have this thing about unicorns... I really love them and have been meaning to start my unicorn collection back up again for many, many long years. I adore this locket, and would love to have it eventually, it's just so pretty and... well unicorn, enough said.

Classic Wishlist item #7

Vintage Lawn Croquet set from Etsy.

I have wanted a croquet set forever, I'm not kidding. I've just never lived in a place where it would be feasible to own one (no lawn). Now that I have a lawn, it'd be so cool to get a hold of this, restore the mallets and get out there to play some good old fashioned Victorian Styled Croquet in the co'ord above.

This will happen, eventually anyway -haha.

So yes, thus concludes my current rori wishlists. I've shown you mine, now you show me yours xD

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  1. That ruffle blouse is beyond cute and I loved the pink one you wore during the most recent visits. It seems like it will pair with a lot of different outfits. Love the book bag, too.

    I have actually played croquet. It's quite fun and I'd love to see you refinish a set of your own.