Thursday, March 1, 2012

Vintage Finds

I have a love/hate relationship with Esty... more love than hate (though my bank account would disagree -_-) and at times, I think I spend too much time searching through the vintage finds.

I have a silver plated vanity set already, it's been packed away since before the move and at some point I plan to bring it out again (ah... prolly when I get my vanity table and bench -haha) but having it stored hasn't stopped me from trolling through the vintage archives of Etsy for more. I favorited a bunch, but ended up getting one in a pretty baby blue.

It was a six piece set. Mirror, brush, file, comb, and two jars. I adore it *_*<3

Everything is such good shape for the age. The mirror has no cracks or spotting, the brush looks lightly used, but almost pristine and the jars are in perfect condition. The only real flaw is the comb as it's missing a tooth, but considering the rest of the set, I don't mind that at all. It was definitely a good find (cheaper for the entire set too, than my newer all silver set that consists of only a brush, mirror and comb).

I'm not entirely sure that this will be the last vintage vanity set I end up with though, they are a little like pringles to me. I'm not sure I can stop at only one (or two, in my case), I think I love them a little too much.


  1. This is beautiful! Now I want a set too *o*

    1. You can find some really pretty sets on Etsy. Just type up "vanity set" and search in vintage and you'll pull up many different kinds. You have to sift through a lot of them because some are too pricey, others aren't the nicest but there are quite a few sets that cost little and are in near perfect condition [like this one I found, it cost me 30.oo total with the shipping for all the pieces. My brand new silver set that has just the mirror, brush and comb cost me 55.oo way back when I got it so 30 shipped for a 6 piece set is a steal =O]

  2. This is such a pretty set--the light blue makes it elegant and even more feminine. I can't believe how good the condition is for the age. Definitely a good Etsy find ^__^

  3. Wow, they're in such nice condition! Great find! :D