Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wishlist Pt. 01 : The Candy

Spring is trying to set in here and Easter is coming. All of the pastels and slips of warm weather have put me in the mood for some candy coated co'ords to help brush off the blahs with light colored happiness.

Sifting through my want folders, I've managed to narrow down my current wishlist to these ->

Candy wishlist item #1

Infanta's Spring Fragrance Ballet Shoe Long JSK (that's a mouthful) in MD or LG (MD would fit exactly, but I'd prolly go with LG just to have some breathing room. You can always cinch something tighter, it's harder to make something that's too tight larger...)

I've had a mild growing obsession with light netted or chiffon garments as of late and I think this dress would be a perfect staple to a spring co'ord. It's so light and airy, and definitely elegant.

Candy Wishlist item #2

Rosette Cardigan Sweater, size MD or LG (I like my boleros/cardis a little larger)

I think this would work so well with the dress, it's very simple but also very pretty.

Candy Wishlist item #3

Secret Shop OTK Socks Model 705

I'm pretty sure these are AP Starry sky replica socks, but guh, want all three pairs because they are awesome. I could use any one of these pairs as a co'ord to the above two *_*<3

Candy Wishlist item #4

Bodyline Boots (I actually want all three colors of this boot, but mainly need white for this co'ord) in size 245 or 250. White is sold out here, so I'll have to keep looking for a similar pair. I still do want the browns and the blacks though.

Candy Wishlist item #5

Dream of Lolita Pretty Ribbon Bag in blue


Loris Dream Star Handbag in pink

I think these are both AP replicas, but again, I'm not sure. Either way I want them both for this co'ord. I wouldn't be using both at the same time, but I've been meaning to add these to my wardrobe separately for quite some time anyway and it'd be cool to have them so I could switch out, depending on the socks or whatnot I happen to be wearing on the particular day.

Candy Wishlist item #6

HANIKAMI Bear Drops Necklace (Yellow)

So yes to this. It's a jelly necklace bear. DO. WANT.

Candy Wishlist item #7

HANIKAMI Bear Drop Ring (Pink)

Again, it's jelly, it's pink, it's candy and yes please. WANT.

Candy Wishlist item #8

Fun rhinestoned headband, in pale blue.


I've wanted something from this shoppe for a while and I think these are both so cute, plus they'd both go really well with this set don't you think?

Well that's all for this wishlist, I'll be posting up a more classical wishlist soon. I have a ton of things I seem to want so it was pretty hard to narrow these down but I'm pretty happy with this current selection.

What about you? Anything cool on your current want list? show me what you've got ^_^

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  1. That Infanta dress is all kinds of love. The silhouette is awesome and the lace is just enough to be pretty without being grandma [<-- always my fear with lacy things.] Also love the boots and that pink star purse. I think I totally need that bag >.<

    I definitely have a current wants list, so I'll do a post on it soon ^__^