Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Library...she grows

I adore books and I've had a dream since I was small to own a vast library filled with them. Not just any books mind you, but great books. Books with aged leather covers, gold gilded pages and ribbon book markers. Books ranging from science fiction, to horror, to children's fairy tales with great adventures and beautiful art. Do you remember that scene in Disney's Beauty and the Beast when Belle walks into the Beast's library wide eyed and amazed, in awe of the sheer amount of books set out before her on shelves that reach all the way up to the ceiling?

That's the sort of library I've dreamed of.

Butttt, in all of my 38 years, I've yet to manage it. Life has cost me a collection or two and over the years I've had to restart them a few times more than I'd have liked. Currently I'm on the rebuild, hoping that this time, that this move will see the end of losses and I'll for a change be able to hold onto what I'm collecting instead of having to start it over again. My current library is rather small and humble, but I'm rather fond of it and I'm always looking for new additions that will help it grow. Recently I've added a couple of books that I'm pretty happy with on a whole...

The Lore of the Unicorn was a Christmas gifty from the Rabbit and is next on my 'to read' list. It's a vintage book and I love it for sure. Plus, unicorns. Enough said there <3

After seeing the Hobbit movie I realized I've yet to read the book so I found this leatherette special edition of it in order to remedy that. There's maps in the front and the back and the pages are gilded in gold, I'm nearly finished with it and in contrast to the Fellowship, I'm finding it a delightful read. After this (and once I go through the Lore) I think I'll get back to the Fellowship and give it another try.

Next up is this->

I was searching out an out of print hardcover edition of the Last Unicorn (which I owned a long time ago and lost in one of my many youthful moves u_u) and found this instead.

All six issues of the story comic in one hardback edition book. I nearly died when I found it. I absolutely love the art, it pays homage to the animated movie in terms of the unicorn herself, but illustrates almost everyone else closer to how I've always imagined them to look when I was reading the book itself.

Especially Amalthea, who looks absolutely beautiful here <3

Lastly, my newest addition is this.

That's right, Pride and Prejudice... and Zombies. I'd borrowed the Rabbit's copy to read and found it amusing enough to own my own copy.I was lucky enough to find this special "heirloom" edition for cheap and snapped it up. It's hardback with an embossed cover, full color plates inside and a ribbon marker. Also apparently there's an expanded second chapter(I think it's the second) for more zombie fun, which I'll have to tackle once I get though my current reads.

A couple of the color plates with captions.

What do ninjas have to do with zombies you ask? Everything. They have everything to do with zombies, I say.

Oh how much I love these books, and now want about a hundred more D:

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