Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Brand New Year

Hello my lovelies, I apologize for my lapse in journaling recently, the holidays ended up a little overwhelming and I've spent a fair amount of time attempting to recover and just get back into the swing of things.

I do hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a great New Year, mine were the best. I did mean to do a post about them but ended up confining it to my Eljay instead (because as per usual, it's rather long and full of babbling nonsense). I took a lot of pictures, but instead of loading this blog down with them, I'll just link to my flickr ->HERE where you can find them all. I had a partially handmade Christmas as well and will make a post shortly showing all the crafty gifts I made (or at least, a good chunk of them) since they've finally all been received and (as far as I can tell), loved. I received a lot of wonderful gifts from my Chibi and some dear friends, and the day itself was spent watching the newest Resident Evil movie (a new Christmas tradition, we've decided. Zombies that is -haha) while Mister slept in my lap and myself and my Chibi opened gifties. My New Year was spent lazily waiting for the fireworks to start after the count down in my Animal Crossing town, while Mister slept in my lap and myself and my Chibi attempted not to fall asleep.

Tiring the both of them, but very fun.

Life is returning to normal and everything is busy busy hot like bee on my end. I've been dressing up but have fallen slack in taking pictures of my outfits lately, something of which I need to remedy (haven't been feeling very confident in the looks department, unfortunately) -I'm working on it and will hopefully feel good enough to continue with my snaps again soon. I'd like to have more to offer on this journal than I currently do, but because I don't speak as candidly here (for many reasons, the main of which being that I'd like to keep the more personal side of my life confined to a journal that is locked) sometimes I'm at a loss as to what I should post. I don't have a single thing to turn it too, since I enjoy many different hobbies and so at times it feels a little more vague than I mean it and I often wonder if I should post only such and such subjects (like fashion, crafts, etc) or whether I should say 'eh!' to cohesiveness and simply post it all.

I'm still undecided obviously, but I think for the year of 2013 I might just post whatever catches my fancy instead of attempting to keep it on a couple of cohesive subjects. Hopefully it'll prompt me to blog more in this journal than I have in the past...

I'll do my best, either which way because I do not want to neglect this any more than I have. I enjoy the different venue of it and I don't want to give it up. Any other creative outlet, is still an outlet for sure.

Anywho, so I don't leave this post entirely picture free, I'll end it with a cute shot of Mister on Christmas eve, sporting the silver cowl I made her and looking rather festive for the occasion.

^_^ <3

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