Saturday, January 12, 2013

Instagram : Faux Fun

I have one of those prepaid phones because I'm not a phone talker (I really dislike them to be honest) and keep one for work and emergency purposes only. But I have to say that I do enjoy the idea of Instagram and have toyed with the thought of upgrading my phone in order to play with it from time to time. Then I remember how silly it is to spend so much on a smart phone I'd never use simply for a picture taking/sharing feature and my thoughts on it usually end right there. Instead I decided to look into other options, ones that would give the basic effect and fun of it without having to bother with the entire deal since I normally carry some type of camera on my at all times and am often snapping at least one picture of something a day.

I found one site that offers Instagram 'styled' effects and rather like it. It may not have the same effects or the feature to upload onto a community and share with others the way a smart phone does, but for people like me who will prolly never 'modernize' themselves enough to join the smart phone age because I'm too cheap xD, it does fill the need for sure.

(All pictures below have been taken with all three of my various cams. Some DSLR, some Cybershot and at least one is my dated Cella Phone)

Shaking off the Rain | Evening Tea | Cabbage Flowers | The Lonely Leaf | Reflections | Master of the Trail | Meeces and Books | The Last Unicorn | Silent Hill | The Babbling Brook

Now to just find a site that will print faux instagram pictures the way the others do the real ones ...

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