Thursday, January 10, 2013

Wonderful Rainbowed Things

For Christmas (and late Christmas) I received some wonderful things from some good friends. I wanted to share them with you now ^_^

JUN!ZILLAAAAA is GETTTTTT! I lovers him, ever since I found out TokiDoki made this guy, I've wanted him because he reminds me so much of the zilla!Jun pictures I've done. I think I sqee'd a but when I opened one of my Christmas boxes to find him.

He also came with a friend. I call this one Stinky (after my beloved Stinky from my Animal Crossing town), since he reminds me of a Mexican wrestler pegacorn that a rainbow threw up on -haha.

Right now Stinky is co-overseer along with Strawctopus on the compy chest top, looking down on Zilla!Jun as a protector.

This pink coat was a gifty from the Rabbit. I adore it. It's a double breasted coat that's pink, how much more awesome can you get? I've worn it out already, though I didn't get snaps of my outfit (for reasons I've stated in my last post). I'll have to remember to take pictures though next time, before it becomes too warm here for me to wear it D:

These were in my stocking, also gifties from the Rabbit. The Tea Rose perfume is one of my favs as far as chemical spray perfumes go. I can't get enough of this. The petite star necklace is so delicate and elegant, I adore it. I've clipped this cute fox pin to my pink coat already and my toenails currently sport the sparkly gold (which likes to blind me when the sun hits xD). And finally the tiny little glass piggy with wings sits next to my Astrid Momiji and gumball machine along with Zilla!Jun now as you can see above ^_^

I have a few other things that I want to share, but I'll leave them for another post. I received some wonderful trinkets this holiday that I treasure and I can't thank my friends and Chibi enough for them. They know my love of cute, plush, pink, rainbows, unicorns, books and sparkly so well <3

I think at some point I'll do a room tour if anyone is interested, since I have this odd mix of Victorian inspired decor, dolls and rainbows. It's such a strange mixture jumbled together, yet somehow it works when I sit back and look at it all ^_^;

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