Saturday, January 12, 2013

OOTD : Fine Art Prints

Coat - Offbrand | Skirt - Romwe | Tights - Forever 21 | Shoes - Montreal | Blouse - Offbrand | Collar - Handmade | Jewelry - Handmade, Etsy, Target | Hair bobs - Handmade | Broach - Etsy

I went out to do my weekly errand and shopping runs with the Rabbit today and remembered to get my Chibi to snap a pic of my outfit during Mister's morning walk.

Mister Kisses <3

I love this skirt so much and have worn it a few times already, but I think this is the first time I've gotten it on film. It's a bit of a confidence thing for me though that keeps me from wearing it more often because it's very short and I end up feeling a little exposed when I have it on (even with tights!). I don't feel I have the legs for it honestly, but my Chibi keeps telling me I look fine in it and that I'm not showing as much "skin" as I feel I am when I have it on. I'm taking her word on that and attempting to ignore the more negative side of me as far as it's concerned, because despite my misgivings on my own body, it's such a cute piece of clothing and I love having it in my wardrobe. Though I always have this urge to wear pantaloons underneath it for modesty's sake, and would if it wasn't an A line cut garment. I think Lolita's spoiled me a bit there, because I feel a little nekkid these days without the "proper" undergarments whenever I try to wear a dress or skirt normally XD

It was such a nice day when we went out, the skies were bright and blue and almost too warm for Mister to keep her winter sweater on!

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