Thursday, January 19, 2012

OOTD - Happy Girl

JSK - Angelic Pretty | Cutsew - Angelic Pretty | Socks - Angelic Pretty | Shoes - Montreal | Bloomers - Metamorphose | Purse - Dream of Lolita (AP replica) | Hair bow - Angelic Pretty | Rings - handmade

Can you sense a theme in today's co'ord? Mostly AP, yep.
The reason?

No lie.

So at around Christmas times, my daughter got some holiday monies to spend on gifties for her friends, me, her dad (pffft), or whatever. She ended up drawing most of her stuff and saving the monies with some huge apologies to me about her lack of gifts coming my way (I told her it was cool, I wasn't concerned or anything. She's my kid and I like getting her stuff, I don't expect it in return). Then, come lucky pack time (recently) I was sifting through the sites like I shouldn't be, lamenting over yet another year that's gone by where I've missed Lucky Pack season (for the last... entire time I've been into lolita I've sworn I'll score a lucky pack from one company or another and every year, something comes up and I miss them. Blah) and guess what Smy chibi does?

She decides that she's spending her monies on a late Christmas gift for me. A lucky Pack Christmas gift ;____; <3

I've gone through this with her before, the entire trying to get her to keep her monies and spend it on things she wants over trying to spend it on me at one point or another and in the end, her argument is always the same; She claims I already get her everything she needs and she'd be happiest when I've gotten something that will make me happy.

(What kind of teenager speaks like this? I swear, I have the best 17 year old on the planet X3)

Anyway, so long story longer, I've learned that any arguments to the contrary are simply futile and it really does make her happy when she sees me happy, so I gave in. She had just enough to get me one of the Happy Girl sets from AP and it arrived today so I figured I'd throw it all on for a quick co'ord =3

Opening pictures are go.

I love that Meta and AP ship most of their things in their pink bags. I wonder if BTSSB does this too...


Inside we have the actual Lucky Pack bag, taped up with red tape (haha), with AP sticker and clothing care instruction card enclosed.

And the contents. The pink jumper, over the knee socks with ribbon print, a teeshirt|cutsew with printing and a matching hair bow.

The jumper is very cute and has some back shirring and a huge back detachable bow. It zips up on the side and is fully lined. The straps are adjustable. Worn as you can see, it's very short. I'm 5'2" and a half and it's pushing my comfort zones like crazy because of how much leg is shown (not very fond of my legs, they are skinny up to the knee and then chunky from the knee above :<) so I had to don a pair of bloomers immediately. Even then, every time I life my arm up, the bloomers can be seen. I'm most likely going to either buy or make a plain white, black or pink drop waist skirt to go under it, just to give me a little length when I wear it and make myself more comfortable. Other than the shortness of the skirt itself though, I absolutely love it. I've been wanting a pink plaid something for a good long while and this definitely fits the bill. I also like the fact that there's a detachable back bow, I didn't expect it and it's a cute added touch.

The socks are adorable. For some reason I was expecting just knee high socks, so getting over the knee was a pleasant surprise. I have a pair of knee high offbrand plain pink and whites, so it's cool to have an OTK brand pair, with the cute addition of the bows that grace each side.

The shirt is very cute too, but also very short (it's making me wonder just how little the intended buyers really are. I'm as said, a short girl myself and I have a short torso, coupled with longer legs (for my proportions anyway) so to put on things from AP that barely go below my natural waistline... it makes me feel like I'm some giant when I'm so very not o_O;;) -the print is also very cute too. Laces and bow cutouts with the AP logo within. The only problem I have with the tee is that it's super see through. As in, I'd definitely have to have a slip beneath it if I were to ever wear it as a top alone and not just have it under a Jumper or Dress. But still, it has cute little puffed sleeves and it's wearable, so I'm happy with it overall.

The last thing included was the hair bow, which is simply that; a matching pink plaid hair bow. I don't have the type of hair to support heavy bows so I don't usually wear head gear much at all. But I think I'll probably end up buying a headband base and taking the clip off the bow since I actually like how it looks with my current cut.

Overall, this set was so worth it and it's completely adorable. With some minor tweaks for comfort, I can see myself getting a lot of use out of it -whether as a complete set, or as different co'ord elements. So thank you chibi, for cereal. As always you do the most amazing things for your mom ;3;<3

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  1. Okay, how awesome is Selene for picking this as your Christmas gift? ^__^

    I love the pink plaid and the pairing with the striped socks. It's definitely short, but I think the drop waist skirt you mentioned will clear that right up. The matching hairbow is super cute as well and will look good as a headband, too. [I have the same issue with heavy clips. Thin hair ;__;]

    Can't wait to see this set in person!