Saturday, January 14, 2012

OOTD - Lockets of Love

Dress - Plasticland | Tights - Sock Dreams | Shoes - Poetic License (Irregular Choice) | Bolero - Vintage | Rings, Earrings - Handmade | Cuffs - Silverworks | Necklace - Etsy

I was able to snag this dress off Plasticland before it sold out (I snagged the last one on sale just before Christmas. Go me) and I'm so in love with it.

The lace on the sleeves is so delicate and soft. It's a very nice touch.

This is the only picture showing the true color of it (the lighting in this room is weird) and it's the original reason I wanted my newest pair of Irregular Choice shoes above. The site pictures showed them as grey so I thought they'd be the perfect compliment to this dress.

Still, even though the shoes are more olive than grey, they did end up looking rather cute together don't you think?

The only issue I have with the dress itself is that the material is a bit staticy so it clings a little more to my body than I'd like when I move. It's also made of a very lightweight sheerish material and even with tights, I was freezing this morning for Mister's walk... even with a heavy wool coat on.

Note to self; save this dress for the summer, it's better suited for that.

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  1. That dress is super cute, as is the pairing with the tights and the IC shoes. [And yes, even if a little olive, they look great.] With the thin material, it'll be nice and cool when it heat up this summer!