Saturday, January 14, 2012

Pretty Chaos

I'm still working on getting my life back together since the move and I'm lacking quite a bit in the way of furniture and things that'll help keep my stuff in place. I know that eventually things will fall into place, that as long as I get a few things at a time here or there, I'll have a livable house again. I just have to be patient... The problem is that I'm not a very patient person and it gets very hard to wait when I have to put things where ever they'll fit. It feels too much like clutter sometimes u_u;;

At least my chaos is pretty chaos, it makes it a little easier to look at while it's stuck in a state of disarray -lol.

1 comment:

  1. Your chaos is all kinds of pretty chaos. I know what you mean about the state of disarray and how it can quickly lead to unhappiness, but you're doing the best you can to get it all worked out, so yay for that even if it takes a bit. *cheers you on*

    [Is that vintage tapestry bag I spy in the first pic? XD]