Monday, January 2, 2012

OOTD - Morning Walk Blues

JSK : Angelic Pretty | Blouse : Anna House | Bloomers : Metamorphose | Tights and Socks : Offbrand | Shoes : Bodyline | Jewelry : Handmade and Etsy

This is what Mister wore...

Mister's OP : Smoochie Pooch | Collar and Tags : offbrand xD

Happy New Years to all [of the 2 readers of this journal -haha]! One of my resolutions for 2012 is just a continuance of one I made for 2011; wear more rori.

To start the year out right, I dressed up for Mister's morning walk with an old favorite I haven't worn since Sakura Con; my tartan blue AP JSK. I don't have too many winter dresses, but because of how thick this one is, I can really only wear it on colder days. New Years morning was definitely thicker material weather. It was also the first time out in those Bodyline shoes despite the fact that they've been in my closet for over a year, and surprisingly they were super comfortable, very easy to walk in too. I think eventually I'll have to get a few more pairs in different colors because the double bows and heart buckles make for perfect rori; cute but not over the top.

It's still cold outside in the mornings, so Mister and myself do what we can to keep warm. What about you? Any favorite scarves, hats or coats? Show me what you do to stay warm =3


  1. Happy New Years!

    I love all the blues [plaid is always love] and yay for getting in some rori for New Years! Those shoes really are super cute and it's awesome that they're comfortable, too. [Although honestly both my pairs of rori shoes are more comfortable than any of my work shoes! Apparently I need to wear them more.]

    I'll have to think on my usual go-tos for keeping warm [hats, I'm looking at you] on these cold mornings. Once I think on it, I'll report ^^

  2. Oh! And Mister looks very cute, too. She needs some rori to rock it out with you >.<