Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Things

Because of a few select, wonderful friends -and my daughter, my Christmas was pretty damn good. I got some cute things that I've already gotten much use out of. I can't thank them all enough =3

The Rabbit got me this and I've worn this so much already since the holiday. I'm all about the Neapolitan colors right now too, it makes me think of iced cream every morning I put this on.

Speaking of, I did finally manage to get a hold of a pair of knee socks I've been wanting for almost a year now ->

I'm pretty sure I'll end up wearing these with my Milky Chocolate replica. It's what I originally intended for that co'ord last Valentine's Day, let's see if I can manage it this time around.

This antique was another gifty from the Rabbit and I adore it. The tapestry is faded, but still in good condition. I need to do a bit of restoring to the inside since it's worn, but it's really cool. The scenes are different on each side.

It's so pretty, I'm thinking once I get it workable and have restored it, a classic co'ord might work the best. What do you think?

1 comment:

  1. Pink and brown combination is all kinds of love. So glad to see you finally found the socks and yes on a Neapolitan coord for Valentines! That would be all kinds of cute.

    Tapestry bag is goodness and I'm happy that you like it. A classic look is a must with it and the panels lend themselves to all kinds of color combinations. I'd also love to see how the restoration goes on the inside bits.