Thursday, February 2, 2012

Of Chocolates and Yummy Things

I'm still feeling under the weather (boo) but I did have to finally venture out the other day to get some shopping done (and some food for my pets -haha) so I sucked it up and went outside. I found a cute store next to my regular pet store, that while ended up being a little pricy, had a pretty sweet looking bakery and all the desserts ended up doing me in...

I was so excited to get this fruit tart, because it was lined with white chocolate =O! Most fruit cups are lined with chocolate so I can't eat them, so it was great to find one that has white.

These little beauties were labeled as "Dessert Sliders" but they are so obviously panafonic Macarons.

Panafonic. Macarons xD

Epic enough on its own to warrant some buying -haha.

The dessert sliders didn't taste like Macarons, but they were a subtle sweet all on their own and I actually liked them. The flower cupped cake was good (it was too much for me though so I split it with my daughter... and scraped off most of the pretty icing flowers) and the petite fours were wonderful. A light lemon flavored cake with lemon icing.

The fruit cup?

It was delicious =3


  1. Everything looks delicious, so I can see why you couldn't say no! I love petit fours [it's on my life list of things to accomplish to hold a tea party in which many petit fours are served], but have a hard time finding them here [meaning I need to visit more bakeries, which is soooo hard, let me tell you XD]. The panafonic macarons are sheer awesome in their panafonicness.

  2. Haha, PANAFONIC MACARONS! How awesome! XD
    Seriously though, everything looks delish! What a great find. <3