Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Neapolitan Stripes and Fawny Fur

Happy Valentine's Day everyone (though by the time I woke up to post this, it's coming a little late. Such is the drawback of being on a graveyard work schedule u_u).

I'd originally planned to have a cute Neapolitan striped co'ord for the day, but because of being sick, I didn't get the JSK I'm making done in time. Ah well, I'll have to save it for another day I suppose. Valentine's Day doesn't have to be confined to just one day out of the year, does it?

Sneaky peak though of the fabric that will soon be made into my JSK, whenever I get around to it ->

Cute isn't it? I can't wait until all the components arrive so I can start working on it (did I say start? I meant finish it up xD)

Speaking of finished things, I did manage to get one project off my list this week as I played the catch up game...

As seen in my last co'ord. So soft and so warm, I'm happy to finally own my very own Fawn print collar.

And yesh Rabbit, yours is done as well ^_~

1 comment:

  1. I love that Neopolitan fabric and can't wait to see your JSK! Valentines Day coords can certainly be worn any time of the year and it would make a cute spring coord, too.

    I'm so excited to see my fawn collar! They look awesome!