Saturday, February 11, 2012

Innocent World

Tax time for me has come and gone, and I was lucky enough to have some spending cash after all the bills were paid (and monies were put into savings -whooo). So what did I do with it?

I promptly spent it on a dress u_u (But hey, what's the point of life if you can't have a little bit of fun with your spending money after your responsibilities are taken care of, hmm?)

I've been meaning to add more classical pieces to my wardrobe for a while. I'm not going to phase out the Sweet OOT anytime soon, I just happen to have diverse tastes when it comes to my roritard clothes. Sometimes I like to dress like a Cupped Cake, other times I'd like to be more subtle. It really just depends on my mood.

Anyway, I don't own anything from Innocent World and they are in the middle of a winter sale, so I thought it was the perfect time to acquire a garment from them.

Unlike Metamorphose and Angelic Pretty, Innocent World ships their clothing in an actual mailer envelope. But the bag on the inside is very pretty. It's a deep chocolate brown, imprinted with their name logo and lace trim.

Complete with logo sticker keeping the bag closed. Simplistic, but affective and pretty.

When I opened it up, I found the dress I ordered, along with a hand written note from Mai Sakamoto of Innocent World.

This was such a sweet touch and made it very personal. Meta and AP only send the invoices and while usually there's a scribbled 'thank you' somewhere on the invoice, I've never received an actual thank you note from one of the workers. I wasn't expecting it and it made me smile.

Now onto the dress itself.

I ordered the Chiffon Dot blue JSK, short length. It's exactly what I wanted... light, airy and elegant.

The material is very pretty, it's a semi sheer chiffon like fabric with an imprinted dot pattern that's slightly glossy.

The back is shirred and the ribbon tie is grossgrain.

The strap buttons are delicate and crystalline.

It's such a simple piece but so elegant, and exactly what I was looking for. I definitely plan to order from Innocent World again, everything about my first buying experience has been grand.

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  1. That dress is so cute and very spring/summer. I love all the little details IW includes with their dresses. Can't wait to see it in person!