Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Halloween Plans and Progress Teasers

It's halfway through September already, which means I've already begun the mad rush for costume sewing times. This year we've chosen the wonderfully quirky and fun web comic Cucumber Quest. Myself as Princess Nautilus, my chibi as Cucumber and Mister will be Sir Carrot.

If you haven't read this comic yet, I highly recommend you go look see. It's cute, fun and the story line is fun

Because my Nautilus costume is the most elaborate of the three, it's been the first up for sewing. Progress shots are get!

Why yes, I am hand placing about a billion and eleventy tiny little rhinestones on the sheer organza sleeves. Thought it was a great idea until I began ~_~

And yes, these are real nautilus shell halves I hope to use for my hair 6_9

More to come soon 8D

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