Friday, November 9, 2012

Newest Addition

Anyone who knows me, knows I collect (mostly out of print) Children's Fairy Tale books. I've been collecting them since I was young actually, but over the years I've had to restart my collection more than once due to move after move... after move. I lost the first collection I had when I moved out of the house for the first time at 14. The second was lost after a short stay back in that same house at 16 when I had gone back in an attempt to finish my schooling. Around the age of 21 or 22, when my Chibi was a baby, I managed to rescue two of my books from that second collection, but all the rest had been lost.

Since then I've been collecting again, though because of life, taking care of my family and my child, the rate that I was able to find books I liked for my 3rd (and hopefully final) collection of books has been very slow.

I adore the books though and even though this latest attempt to rebuild has been long years in the making, I'm happy with what I have now. This latest book is actually a book I remember having as a child. I was about 10 I think and I remember it for the beautiful costumes on the puppets. I was so enchanted with the way they'd set the photographs up that it stuck with me throughout all of these years. I didn't remember the same of the author or the artist, all I could remember was how pretty I thought Cinderella's outfits looked and how wonderful the Prince looked in his coats and breeches... it's been impossible for me to find though when all I had to base my search from was a vague memory of a puppet in Mozart era style clothing. After a while I simply gave up on finding it because I figured it was destined to remain a childhood memory and not be something I'd ever see in person again.

A while ago the thought of it just popped back into my head and I started searching again. But after a few google, ebay and yahoo searches came up empty (lol, not surprising since all I had to work with was "Cinderella" "Mozart" "Costume" and "Photograph"), I almost gave up on it again. Then out of the blue I thought "why not Etsy?" and decided to look see. In the end, punching in '3-d puppet' is what brought it up and after all these years, there it was staring back at me through the screen, a version of that book that I remember loving so much. I had to snap it up. The version I remember having was simply "Cinderella" and the version I got is a compilation but after learning there was more versions of this series representing different fairy tales, I couldn't resist.

It just arrived today and the pictures are exactly as I remember them. Looking at it now through an adult's eyes, I can say that even though I find the puppets a little creepier than I did when I was young, I still find the costumes enchanting and I'm so happy that I can add one of the few good memories I had as a child into my collection as an adult ^_^

This is the cover of the book itself.

The fairy tales covered in this compilation.

I adored the Prince's coat when I was 10 and I still adore it to this day. This era's mode of dress has always been one of my favorites which is probably why the memory of these pictures in this book stayed with me for so long.

And that glass slipper, I wanted a pair of these so badly when I was little =O

Oh how I longed to recreate Cinderella's dresses, you have no idea. I just loved them and thought they were so wonderful. It was such a unique take on the fairy tale for me and I still see them as beautiful even almost 28 years later.

As I flipped through the pages looking at the other fairy tales, I began remembering certain scenes...

This one from Sleeping Beauty,

This one from The Elves and the Shoemaker,

The wolf from Little Red Riding Hood that scared me...

The bone finger scene from Hansel and Gretel,

The Evil Queen staring in her mirror from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,

And the mace club of the giant in Jack and the Beanstalk.

After looking through the entire compilation book, I realized that I must have owned the other fairy tales as well in this collection since the pictures seemed familiar enough for me to remember certain scenes, though I'm pretty sure each one had been a separate book since the memory that's stuck with me the longest has been that picture of Cinderella and her Prince in their wedding outfits with the title of "Cinderella" written above. One of these days I'd like to get a hold of each of those singular books, but for now I'm just happy to have found a compilation of something I treasured as a child, complete with a small message handwritten inside the front cover to a little girl who was not myself, dated 1984 <3

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